Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A (final?) game of Dux Britanniarum

And so on to what will probably be the final game of our campaign.

With my church just finished it was logical that I'd want to burn it to the ground - so that was the battle we played

 The church bells ring, not to summon worshippers but to warn of attacking Saxons

 The British defenders gather by the back door

 Shieldwalls form and the taunting begins

 With a shout the armies clash

 The British are driven back, leaving the church vulnerable

 The British general rallies his men on the hill

 Meanwhile the Saxons make off with their plunder

 Pursued by irate Christians

Outpacing their enemies the Saxons fight their way clear

And thus ends our campaign. We'd played four or five games and quite enjoyed the campaign element of it, but the actual gameplay proved tiresome and didn't get easier with familiarity. So with the end of a campaign year (and the birth of the British players child) I think that will be the last campaigning Elmet will see from us (using these rules).

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  1. Nice report, pictures...and beautiful figures!