Monday, 11 February 2013

SAGA Again

Again from a few weeks ago...

Another game of SAGA
My Anglo Danes against the filthy Normans.
Camera was playing up again (it really doesn't like the energy saving bulbs) so only got a few usable pictures.
We played the game where you start with your warlords locked in combat. It gave a good fun game, but for me the suspension of disbelief threshold was crossed..."So in a normal game he has two wounds, but in this one he has twelve..?" I know it was to make for a better game but for me it traversed the line too far into "gamey" - I could see the wires as it were...

Anyway, here's the pictures:

As always SAGA gave us a good game, but I won't be rushing to play that particular scenario again...


  1. Interesting. It's not a scenario I've played yet and perusing the rulebook this weekend it rather piqued my interest. But I like your point about the "wires".

    As for the camera - I have a Sony DSC-HD10 (I think) and it takes cr4p pictures under energy saving light bulbs - it also struggles to focus.



  2. I also played that scenario with Gedders a few weeks ago and it is rather odd, I did manage to blammo his Warlord though.
    In better news, I now have a new camera and seem to have finally figured out how to get some decent images.