Sunday, 20 January 2013

Star Wars X-Wing

No-one in my family ever buys me toy soldier or gaming things for my birthday or Christmas.
They do however often mither that I am "difficult to buy for" to which my response is usually, "well if you'd just buy me things I like or want it would be much easier for all concerned".
As a result of this ongoing farrago I have take to occasionally buying presents for myself and wrapping them up and inserting them under the tree labelled To Tom, much love Tom xxx. This amuses both me and the offspring and irritates the present Mrs Tom's Toy Soldiers.

This Christmas to celebrate my return to gainful employ I splashed out on The Star Wars X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight. With Mrs TTS and son and heir visiting the frozen north I was able to get the box out and play the basic fast-play version of the game with smallest child.

Here are a few pictures:


Verdict. The fast-play version actually proved to be a little dull and not that fast. It took ages to get much damage on either fighter and small boy's attention was definitely wandering by the end.
However looking at the full rules seems to give much greater depth and demands to it, so I'm looking forward (maybe tomorrow) to a game with Luke Skywalker and some photon torpedoes and the like which should make for a better result.
Also the models are jolly lovely. And it is impossible to play without humming the Star Wars theme tune and making lazer noises.


  1. Going to have to steal that present idea next christmas! The fast-play grules are just junk, the main rules are much more enjoyable!

  2. Agree with Vladdd, go for the full rules from the very start. I've started playing with my 13 years old son early this month and he did not have the slightest problem to grab the mechanics after 2 games practising