Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Vikings for SAGA (2)

Painted another four of these and based and shielded up all eight of them. I used plastic GW shields in the end as I had some lying around.
Irritatingly the shield split on two of them (the same model each time, you'd think I'd learn) but I can't be bothered to paint up any new ones at the moment.
Next up will be either eight warriors or four beserkers, can't decide.

 Group shots demonstrating how hard it is for me to get more than a couple of models in focus at the same time!


 Though having painted him in Red, Gold and Green, he's now Hagrid Selassieson as far as I'm concerned
 Not sure why he warrants three pictures...

 Can't find a name for this one. He came with his left hand missing, so I replaced it with one from the GB plastic set.


 Harald, although I always think of Steapa from the Cornwell books when I see this model

Another Imgmar

 Another Storulf



  1. Great work. I really like the herald.

  2. Great work! I just finished painting the same fig as your last guy, but for mine I removed his axe and have him dragging on a rope to beach a longboat!

  3. Good painting! I particularly like the Harald/Steappa figure with the two handed axe.



  4. Great work. Always loved those original Citadel vikings, got most of them in my own collection

  5. Thanks chaps.
    They are fun to paint.
    Rodger, I saw your conversions, jolly nice they are too. I've got two of the other guy you used ready to go in my next batch.