Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More Romans

Some more Musketeer Miniatures Late Romans.
I've actually painted more than this, but the other ones are "rear rankers" (stop sniggering) for multi-bases, so won't be photographed until they slip in behind their compatriots, so to speak.
I had a varnish nightmare with these when the GW Matt Varnish brush on stuff started to form milky white pools on the models. I rectified it by scrubbing hard with an old toothbrush then using the Army Painter spray (which I'd previously abandoned after a slight "misting" incident). I'm begining to think varnishing at all is more trouble than it's worth.
Shields, as always, by LBMS, low quality brushwork all my own work.


  1. Great looking troops. I must admit I have stopped varnishing. Got sick of the hassels. Probably regret it one day.

  2. Agree with Rodger, great looking troops. I use Testors, very matt and so far no accidents.

  3. They look great..the used effect on the shields is top

  4. Thanks for all the feedback chaps.
    Going to try and get the unit finished this week before buying another unit at Derby on Saturday.
    (Armoured ones this time.)