Wednesday 1 June 2011

Age of Arthur WAB Weekender - Strike Three!

And so it was back to The Map.
Having secured a victory I was able to expand my territory and claimed Hull from Jim. For some reason he appeared not regard this as much of a loss.

Soon all Deira wil be mine...!

Then it was on to selecting opponents and seeing a sea of Purple on my doorstep I declared war on Neil and his Romano British. Someone unfamiliar with my particular grasp of tactics and strategy might question why, when I find Romans a tough nut to crack, I elected to attack Romans. My regular readership (or Jim as he's also known) will find this behaviour entirely within character.

So on to the battle. We were in competition to seize a desirable detached residence nestling on an attractive upland feature in an easy to access rural location. Neil had lots of men with big shields and a propensity to stand still.

 Smash the windinderz lads

My Geoguth immediately rushed the hill, were thrashed and ran off. To my left failed warbanding meant I spent some time bouncing off shieldwalls.

 What can possibly go wrong here...


 Mill around! Mill around!

Too late, as always...

Eventually most of my army had run most of the way away and Neil was able to claim the hill. However a lucky rally test right at the death meant I had a unit within six inches meaning he could claim but a minor rather than major victory!
Then we added up the VP's and realised that no, after all it was a major one.

Splendid game, with Neil very patient and gracious in explaining when I was getting the rules wrong - I think he realised it was incompetence rather than maliciousness.

So day one finished with a win and two losses, better already than the last time I played an event!

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  1. I'm enjoying this series immensely. I find it reassuring when other seem to be as .. er .. tactically minded as me ;-)