Friday, 15 April 2011

Saxon Cyning and ASB

After the Open (yes, yes report eventually, honest) and before the Weekend in May (pass-out is signed!) I've been looking over my Age of Arthur Saxons, and thought I'd take the oportunity to post a couple of pictures. Most of the army was painted for me (otherwise I'd still have only about six finished models) but I kept the characters for myself. So here are the Cyning and his loyal ASB

Lovely Musketeer Miniatures sculpts with LBMS flags and shields.


Sorry for the shiny shield, it needs a coat of matt varnish


I painted them a while ago and they need a little touching up (ooer) and some varnishing before the Weekender.
If they've wetted your apetite for Musketeer loveliness go and check out Bill's Blog where he's been showing off his late Romans. I'll be adding some of them to my Saxons as allies (will I get them in time for the weekend event - stay tuned to fnd out!). Order your own here

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