Friday, 6 August 2010


Our WFB campaign kicked off on Wednesday night.
Here's the map at the start of the campaign. Myself and Paul are commanding the evil (red) armies based around Mondkindsberg, facing Stephen and Matt with the forces of good based around Ingwerstadt.

Armies can move two hexes, though all cav forces can move an extra hex and mountains and rivers may impede progress.
Here's the map at the end of the first turn of map moves:
The good army A is all mounted and so has sped around to the north. We've seized Gork's Noggin (must fix the apostrophes on the map!) and Tor Elith.
There was just one battle to resolve. Our Daemon and Ogre alliance against their Dwarf and High Elf combo.
Unsurprisingly we enjoyed a hail of shooting for more turns than we'd have liked before giving it out a bit in combat. Most of my army spent most of the game fleeing but at the end I'd only actually lost my Scraplauncher and Gnoblar units so not actually coughed up all that many VP's. Paul's Daemons had caused more damage but what he'd lost was expensive, all of which added up to a narrow victory (200VP's or so) to the forces of good. It was a great fun game with explosive miscasts and lots of things dying in extended combats, a good advert for all the things that are great about WFB 8th.
So our army must now retreat a hex and then we have our next set of map moves. Looks like the good cavalry will be making for or capital, so we may need to pull an army back to defend, apart from that it must be all out attack!

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